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No holes on the bumper with the EPS®

Whether your car is 30 years old or even the latest model the thought of having holes drilled into a bumper for conventional backup sensor such as ultrasonic parking sensors isn’t a good choice.

No holes on the bumper with the EPS

The EPS® has the unique non damaging solution and simple installation.

It uses the latest technology in extremely low power electromagnetic waves cleverly using its discretely hidden and secure located sensor device constituted by a strong adhesive strip placed on the inner surface of the bumper.

Parking sensors Proxel EPS in reverse

The EPS®, invented and produced in Italy, is on the market since 1993

EPS® is a registered European Trademark, owned by Proxel, used in the automotive field that stands for Electromagnetic Parking System.

Main features:

ORIGINAL DEVICE: Is used in an original way some little known properties of the electromagnetic fields.

RELIABLE: in any condition EPS® alerts you of the approaching of an obstacle: when reverse gear is engaged this innovative parking system provides an instant, automatic, self-diagnostic function that maps out the surrounding area of your bumper constantly monitoring this as you reverse with 100% accuracy, providing you with 3 different audible tones alerting you of your proximity in relation to surrounding objects.

EASY TO INSTALL: the electromagnetic parking sensor EPS® mounts on inner side of bumper and, unlike ultrasonic sensors, it is invisible when fitted. No Holes design means a damage free installation preserving the new factory look of your vehicle.

SOLD WORLDWIDE: as proof of its utility, features, innovation and reliability the parking sensors EPS® is sold worldwide.


The mark EPS® is European Community Trademark owned by Proxel S.R.L.

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